Step 2: Purchase the RV

Once we determined which RV we liked best, we decided to make the purchase. We weren’t initially partial to new versus used, but after much consideration and finding an amazing deal with everything we wanted, we opted for new.

What led us to decide on the ForestRiver Surveyor SP-220 were all of the amenities it had including:

  • One slide allows for more floor space, which is great for dogs!
  • Ample storage for a smaller sized travel trailer.
  • Queen size bed with revolving TV to allow for viewing almost anywhere.
  • Relatively light weight, which makes for easier towing.ForestRiverSurveyor_Lois

So narrowing down the RV to purchase was a relatively easy process for us. The key is to list things that are absolute necessities versus those that would be nice amenities. If you can find an RV that meets all of your criteria…all the better!

We secured financing through our financial institution as we knew we could get a decent interest rate with our long-standing relationship at our local bank. A lot of dealers can also provide financing and depending on your credit situation this may be a better option.

Below are some additional expenses that you may not think about when looking to buy an RV, so please be sure to take these into consideration when making your purchase decision.

  • Storage: We had to determine where we would store our RV since we live in a neighborhood and our HOA regulation stipulate RVs cannot be stored on repestive properties. We found a secure storage place a few miles away from our house that runs $75-$85/month for an outdoor uncovered space.
  • Insurance: Insurance for a travel trailer is a relatively low, but necessary, expense. I would assume insuring a Motorhome may be more expensive than a travel trailer, but am not positive.
  • Registration: Every state has different regulations when it comes to vehicle registration, but our travel trailer must be registered with tags affixed to the vehicle. The cost for this varies depending on where you life.
  • Additional Items: As with a house, you have specific items you’ll need to stay in your RV such as bed linens, kitchenware, etc. You can go however big or small with the purchase of these items or simply take things from home. We elected to buy most items specifically for the RV as moving them back and forth for every trip could become quite a hassle.

Our Purchase Experience

I have to say that our experience with Bankston Motor Homes in Nashville was nothing short of FANTASTIC! Phil & Judy Simpson run this dealership and customer service is their utmost priority. We never placed a phone call to them that didn’t get immediately answered and they have been camping for 30+ years so their experience affords their customers with great tips and recommendations.

Bankston Motor HomesI can say that, as with purchasing a vehicle, the experience you have during the purchase will leave a lasting impression. Be sure to check out my next post as it will feature a special guest, Mr. Phil Simpson with Bankston Motor Homes of Nashville

So stay tuned for my next post: Step 3: Learning about your RV